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Space Mission Administration & Requirements Tool

What is miSMART?

HOSTmi is an online B2B platform and transfers the mechanisms of online requirements-based comparison platforms such as Uber or Airbnb into the space sector.

It creates similar advantages in terms of confidentiality, transparency, cost-efficiency and time saving.

It gives payload owners in what to date is still a completely fragmented market a quick and reliable access to all components of their "journey", i.e. their space mission.

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Launch Date Hosting Space
Q2'2021 12.5U
Q2'2021 9U
Q3'2021 1U
Q4'2021 9U
Q4'2021 2U
Q4'2021 3U
Q4'2021 4.1U
Q4'2021 10.8U
Q4'2021 10.8U
Q1'2022 4.1U
Q1'2022 10.8U
Q1'2022 10.8U
Q2'2022 9U
Q2'2022 10.8U
Q2'2022 10.8U
Q2'2022 10.8U
Q2'2022 10.8U
Q2'2022 12.5U
Q3'2022 10.8U
Q3'2022 10.8U
Q3'2022 10.8U
Q4'2022 9U
Q4'2022 10.8U
Q4'2022 10.8U
Q4'2022 10.8U
Q4'2022 10.8U


Q2' 2021

Max Altitude: 250 km



Q2' 2021

Max Altitude: 120 km



Q3' 2021

Max Altitude: 550 km


Only Benefits. No compromises.

Mission Manager

Manage and control your mission progress. Whenever you want.


Confidential processing of information and discreet request for quotation.


No more emails or messangers needed. Central and project specific communication.

E2EE everywhere

The whole system is based on end-to-end encryption.

Build your Team

Invite your team, assign responsibilities and start working together.

Get help, anytime

Stay in touch with our support team. We are here to help you.

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Fourth Step

Automated RFQ generation with contract closure support