HOSTmi’s mission is to simplify space mission requirements management by introducing a customer-driven and user-centric transparent digital infrastructure. Our vision is to reduce space mission costs by simplifying mission management procedures and providing transparency. To achieve cost reduction, we aim to optimize and partially automate mission-related interactions between affiliates from carrier as well as from payload-providing teams.

HOSTmi is the first company offering digitally-supported solutions to optimize the highly engineering-intensive and complex requirements management of space missions; enabling searching, offering, and comparing different services ranging from hosted payload to launch services as well as enhancing the management of an entire space mission.

For payload owners, HOSTmi delivers the environment for central administration and knowledge management along with process-optimized data management, which simplifies overall processes and reduces costs. While for hosted payload and launch service providers HOSTmi’s solutions will transform the isolated value chains into a fully digitized value-creating network.


Shahrokh Khodabakhshi, co-founder of HOSTmi, studied mechanical and process engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. His focus is on Industry 4.0 and process optimization within the aerospace industry. International exchanges and many years of experience enable him to think beyond boundaries and develop innovative solutions. Shahrokh is committed to being an entrepreneur in the aerospace industry and to commercialising it efficiently by introducing standard processes.

Pouya Haschemi is an entrepreneur and aerospace engineer who aims to simplify the processes of a space mission. He has a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, specialized in the field of aerospace engineering, attended the Engineering School of the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and gained experience at Airbus and Boeing before starting HOSTmi.

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