What we do

HOSTmi is an online B2B platform and mediates globally, efficiently and user-friendly flight and hosting opportunities for payloads on board of diverse space platforms.

The spectrum is ranging from suborbital vehicles and orbital satellites - including ISS capabilities - up to deep space platforms. By offering Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), HOSTmi acts independently to best match space experiments and other space payloads with the most suitable hosting opportunities worldwide.

How it Works

One Platform - All Solutions
we bring the space market right at your fingertips

HOSTmi takes on the role of a technical economic center providing a secure environment for central administration of space market supply and customer demand.

First Step

Create an account and login

Second Step

Specify your
mission & payload

Third Step

Search worldwide for hosting
opportunities for your payload

Fourth Step

Additional services &
products that are needed
will be provided centrally

Fifth Step

Choose the space mission provider
that fits your mission best